Black Tie White Lie

What’s the white lie?

We’re pretending. We’re creating that celebratory feeling of staying up all night, without losing any sleep. We get to bed early on Saturday and meet early on Sunday morning, dressed as if we’ve been partying all over town.

Why? We love dancing in fountains. We enjoy giving roses to strangers. We’re stamping each others passports on the borders of adventure while serenading serendipity.

Who is it for?

Friends who want to share a new experience. Parents who haven’t let their hair down for years. Young ravers from the Morning Gloryville scene. Eccentric thespians, poets and musicians. People who  don’t want to go to church but long for some meaningful sense of community on a Sunday morning.

People who like to break a few rules. People who like to  laugh a lot.

WHEN is the next event?

Sunday September 2nd 2018, 10am – 12.15pm

Does it have a THEME?

Yes, in the run up to Peace Day on September the 21st we’ll be singing ‘Give Peace A Chance’ and other Peace songs.

WHERE is the next event?

Meet on the pavement at the very centre of Waterloo Bridge (Parliament side), where you would stand to watch the sunset.

HOW MUCH is the next event?

£5 cash on the day, paid to the organisers. Bring money for your own breakfast at a South Banks cafe (usually Giraffe).