Big Show Keynote

This is BIG

We pull out all the stops on this one. Design, re-design, every voice heard and disciplined rehearsals leading to NOW-FACTOR glory. Quite simply the most memorable heart-opening conference in the world.


There’s only ONE Tom Morley

Tom has been ‘collecting’ performers for 40 years. What does that mean? Be they percussionists from STOMP! hula-hoopers from Morning Gloryville, artists from Burning Man, musicians from the Afro-Celt scene, choreographers from The Artful Badger they are all ready to come and perform for your people.


A bit like the iPhone, we needed someone to invent it to know we needed it. The shows we build and perform have that natural aspect to them alongside the, “That’s amazing, however did they think of that?!” quality.


You might as well achieve the impossible if you’re going to take on this ‘task’ of booking something impressive. We dazzle, we amaze, we deliver.


This will be remembered for ever, not just on film but in the hearts and minds of everyone present.


Your messages presented within a custom-built tech-savvy Broadway Show. Themed to make your company’s ideas and brand values super-attractive in eye-popping style. All this is filmed so you can use it internally all year in presentations and pitches.

Tom Morley is one of the most inspirational creatives I have ever worked with. His ideas spill out of him and the ability to make them happen comes straight afterwards. He is refreshing to listen to, is committed to his values and leaves the listener thinking "why not?" His drumming is pretty good too and he gets a party going like no other I know.

Lynne Franks
Lynne Franks
SEED Network

When you bring large numbers of people together, their first instinct is often to determine and demonstrate where they sit in the hierarchy. Tom’s ability to completely negate that hierarchy, in favour of unearthing the much more important red thread that binds a team together around an idea or an opportunity, is exceptional. He manages to tune in to and capture a resonance that everyone embraces, leaving people feeling not only personally inspired and motivated, but having formed what are likely to be long-term relationships with others with whom they may never before have passed the time of day.

Debbie Taffler
Debbie Taffler
TAFFLER & Friends

I'm convinced that what our team experienced thanks to Tom's unique ability to engage every crowd on our Roadshow has been instrumental in our improved performance at HERTZ.
He created magical experiences with incredible energy, the team went way beyond their normal boundaries to genuinely care for each other, feeling strong, united, inspired and unbeatable.

Michel Taride
Michel Taride
HERTZ Group President

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